Transport Light-Weighting Model

Calculate lifecycle greenhouse gas and energy
savings with usage of aluminium

“The amazing thing about this original East aluminium trailer is that, 45 years after coming off the production line, it is still operating. The original welds are still in place. The frame and floor are in very good shape” - Mark Holtz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, East Manufacturing

Today, the superstructures of most tankers and silo semi-trailers are made entirely of aluminium. Aluminium is also frequently used for vans, tipping and self-discharging bodies.

In an average articulated truck aluminium components can reduce the weight of a truck trailer by up to 2,000 kg.  With this weight advantage an aluminium-intense truck can carry a heavier load without exceeding statuary weight limits. This increase of the load capacity of vehicles means, that fewer trips are necessary which contributes to additional reduction of CO2eq emissions, in the case of weight limited transport.